Zero Waste Starter Pack

The idea of going zero waste is somewhat daunting. Taking small steps and reducing what you can where you can is important in making a positive change. The following list is of the tools I believe will help you in starting your zero waste journey. 


Let’s start off easy. Ditching plastic shopping bags is one of the simplest steps in reducing your waste. Using bags that are made out of natural materials is much better for the planet. Of course recycling plastic bags is a better alternative than using single use plastic bags. However, once broken they will still remain on the planet for hundreds of years. 


 Cut down on shopping online.  When purchasing products online, they often come heavily packaged in plastic. (Clothing being a prime example of this.) Going into stores you are able to have more control of how much packaging you’re consuming. 


Purchase a reusable coffee cup. 
In the UK 7million disposable coffee cups are used each day.  The combination of their paper and the plastic lining make it very hard for them to be recycled. Keepcups make a great replacement for single use coffee cups but they are many other brands out there. Coffee houses often offer discounts for people who use reusable coffee cups. So if saving the planet isn’t your priority, maybe saving yourself some coin can motivate you. 


Switch your plastic toothbrush to one made of natural materials that makes it easy to biodegrade.  As well as changing your toothbrush, you can also swap to using biodegradable floss.


Banish plastic straws! I’m sure you’ve seen images of animals that have got into trouble with plastic. Seeing an image of a turtle with a plastic straw lodged in its nostril was enough motivation for me to buy some reusable straws. Packs often come in little bags that make it easy to pop them in your bag and take with you on the go.  I’d recommend a stainless steel straw as it has a cooling effect on your drink but bamboo is another great alternative to plastic. 

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