Zero Waste Skin Care

People’s skin care routines often involve a lot of plastic bottles, pumps and disposable products. In this post I’m going to show you how to dramatically cut down on your waste. Not all of these tips will be for everyone, you don’t need to replace everything with zero waste products. I believe sustainable living is about everyone making the changes they can. 


Coconut oil is the holy grail product. This thing is a multipurpose wonder. You can use it as a moisturiser by simply applying to the skin and massaging in,  as a make up remover or mix with sugar to create a lip scrub. Coconut oil is very gentle on the skin so is safe to use on all skin types. 

Disposable make up pads are just an inexcusable waste and in the long term cost more. There’s plenty or reusable alternatives. Amazon offer bamboo and cotton pads and Etsy have lots of handmade cotton pads

Whatever happened to the humble bar of soap? Well the answer is it’s been replaced by multiple lotions and potions bottled in plastic. I don’t advise you wash your face with normal hand soap as this will be too harsh for your skin. They’re lots of solid bars of soaps made with the face in mind. Etsy has lots of offerings, as does Lush


I’ve found sun screen to be the hardest thing to find that doesn’t involve plastic. But here are the gems that I’ve managed to seek out. AntoLife on Etsy sells lots of zero waste products. A stick sunscreen is one of their great products. Lush also has a solid sunscreen, The Sunblock which I a SPF 30 sunscreen. 


Making your skin routine more sustainable is about stripping back the unnecessary products. We’re constantly bombarded with new products that we’re told will change our lives and give us perfect skin. When in reality they all do the same thing. We don’t need hundreds of products. Keep it simple and strip it back, your skin will thank you. 




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