How to Achive ​a Zero Waste Bathroom

Toothbrush and paste

Toothpaste and brushes are needless plastic here are two alternatives. Bamboo and wooden toothbrushes are easy to get your hands on. Toothpaste is a little harder Georganics is great but Lush also sell ‘Toothytabs’ which are solid toothpastes. 

Shampoo and Conditioner

Changing to shampoo bars and conditioner bars are an easy change to make. These bars last for much longer than a bottle would and are made from natural products. These are available from Lush, Etsy, Amazon and other online stores. 


The Ben & Anna – Natural Deodorant Organic Papertube Sticks  come in lots of different scents and are a great alternative to normal deodorants. Langdale & Harding – Pitt Balm are compact and pretty affordable at £9.99 for two. These also come in lots of different scents. Like all sustainable swaps, it’s about trying different things and working out what works for you. 

Makeup Pads

These reusable makeup pads are £15.99 for a pack of ten. I know these seems like a lot upfront when you can buy a huge pack of disposable ones for a pound. But you will get your money back. Going zero waste is an investment but you will soon get your money back. However, there are cheaper packs on Etsy.


So being totally honest, I know these guys look pretty scary. But they’re totally safe and easy to use. It may just take a little getting used to.

Period Products

They are many different alternative period products but I’d say menstrual cups and reusable sanitary pads are the most popular. You can read my full guide to Sustainable Periods by clicking here.

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