What I’m Watching

I’m a big lover of TV. British comedies are where my heart lies but I will watch pretty much anything. From trashy reality TV to highbrow documentaries, I’m watching it. This is a list of what I’m currently watching. 

Fleabag - BBC One/ IPlayer

Series two has finally hit our screens and I couldn’t be happier. Written by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge, yes she is the marvel behind Killing Eve, the sitcom is quite tragic and dark but is littered with wit and bite. Fleabag is a damaged young woman who’s wrestling against her dysfunctional family and trying to navigate her way in life. Fleabag talks directly to you, breaking the fourth wall, drawing you in. Also Olivia Colman stars and who doesn’t love her? You can catch up on the first series on iplayer.

Derry Girls - Channel 4

Another series that I’m so happy has returned. I fell in love with Derry Girls after the first episode. It’s hilariously funny, relatable, and there’s sooo much denim. Set in Derry in the 90’s, the programme is dominated by The Troubles. Instead it depicts true teenage friendship and antics. I think everyone can see their teenage self in one of the characters. Clare is basicly teenage me, with a tinge of Erin.  

Dating Around - Netflix

This series introduces us to someone each episode and we follow them on five dates. This gives us a chance to root for someone to get picked to go on a second date. It’s another easy watch and is great light relief. 

Great British Sewing Bee - BBC Two

Bake Off’s little cousin Sewing Bee is another firm favourite. If you love Bake Off you’re sure to love this, it’s basicly the same format. As someone who bakes fairly reguraly I don’t feel as in awe of GBBO as I do Sewin Bee. The contestants create such amasing (and sometimes terrible) fashion peices. This week they turned tents into dog outfits! Joe Lycet host’s, comforting and pestering the sewers.  If you’re looking for something to fill a GBBO hole, this is the one. 

Gogglebox - Channel 4

Nothing new here, an oldie but goodie. Gogglebox is the ultimate easy watch. I’m in love with Giles and Mary and the Siddiqui family. I believe the programme has lost some of the sparkle down to some of the people who have joined. But it’s an easy watch and makes me laugh.

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