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    SkinnyDip Gift Guide

    Skinnydip offers a lot more than just phone cases. Here’s my selection of items that I think would make a great gift for a friend or even yourself. From clothing to bags to books. There's something for everyone.

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    Body Shop Must Haves

    If you’re not familiar with BODY SHOP here’s a little introduction to their brand. All their products are 100% vegetarian and don’t test on animals. Their ‘Enrich Not Exploit’ commitment to enrich their products, people and the planet. They are working to end modern slavery, they’re conscious of their environmental impact and are working to empower women. So all round, BODY SHOP are good eggs.  #1 Hemp Heavy-Duty Face Protector – £8.50 For anyone with dry skin / dry patches, this is an absolute must have. It’s very heavy duty and is great for the colder months. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to dry patches and this…

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    Handmade Gifts

    We all know you can buy practically anything on Amazon. But did you know you can buy handmade items from independent sellers? These are some of my recommendations, simply click the image to be sent to the Amazon page. Dandelion Golden Chain Necklace A beautiful Gift for a nature lover. This delicate necklace can is customised to your required length. The real dandelion is inserted into handblown glass and is shipped in a gift box.  Round Woven Rattan Bag Get ready for summer with this bang on trend rattan bag. It’s hand woven and made from all natural materials.  Beginners Crochet Rabbit Kit A great way to get into a…

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    10 Air Purifying Houseplants

    #1 Spider Plant- Chlorophytum Comosum #2 Devil’s Ivy-Epipremnum Aureum #3 aloe vera #4 rubber fig- Ficus elastica #5 peace lily-Spathiphyllum wallisii #6 weeping fig-Ficus benjamina #7 green lady- nephrolepis #8 Swiss cheese -Monstera deliciosa #9 chinese evergreen- agalonema white lance #10 Prayer plant -Maranta leuconeura *Please remember to do your research before buying plants as some are toxic to pets. * *This post includes affiliate links *

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    5 Of The Best EBooks On Amazon

    #1 Dracula – bram stoker Published in 1897, this Gothic horror is a classic work of Victorian fiction.The story is made up of a collection of diary entries, letters, and newspaper articles. The novel explores themes of the uncanny, otherness and the new woman. This is a great read for anyone interested in the macabre.  #2 Ariel – Sylvia Plath Originally published in 1965 following her suicide two years previous. Her husband Ted Hughes edited the collection of poems. He changed the order of the poems rearranged and some poems took out. This restored version is the collection of poems as Plath had intended them. The poems address numerous themes, one…