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Switching To Slow Fashion

So we all know the planet is basically dying right before our eyes. But are we doing enough to save our planet? Recently people’s attitudes to being proactive and making changes to how we live our lives have improved. Plastic straws have been shunned from society, meat-free options are widely available and I personally feel like the devil reincarnated if I use a plastic cup. However, there are still areas of our lives that need a bit of rejigging. 

Fast fashion is an all-round bad guy. The industry is accountable for millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, it creates large amounts of water and air pollution and is a very wasteful industry with large amounts of textiles being sent to landfill.

Not only is there an environmental cost of fast fashion, but there is also the human cost. Workers (often women and young girls) face appalling working conditions that put their safety at risk, they’re paid pennies and are at a high risk of sexual exploitation from their superiors.

The whole culture around how we buy our clothes needs o change. Currently we go to the high street buy on-trend items, that are often poor quality, wear them for the season then banish them to the back of our wardrobe or simply throw them away.

The Benefits Of Switching To Slow Fashion

When we think back to the 20’s or the 80’s, we immediately can picture a specific style that defined the decade. Fast fashion has killed this. The industry churns out trends every year and every season. Making the consumer wanting to buy more and more regularly to stay in fashion.
Quitting fast fashion helps you find your own sense of style. When you’re not being dictated to by the industry on what you should be wearing, you discover what you actually like and what you want to be wearing. 
You’re guaranteed to save money. Switching to slow fashion means you’re buying less and making the most of what you already own. Shopping second hand is a lot cheaper than buying new and you can attend clothe switch events that allows you to swap your clothes for free.

It's Not Always Easy

Although I have said switching to slow fashion will save you money, some items such as underwear, cannot be bought secondhand. I have found ethical producers of intimates to be expensive. However, if you factor in the money you have saved from not buying fast fashion, the occasional splurge shouldn’t feel too bad. 

Shopping has become a social activity and you may feel you’re missing out on spending time with friends and family. Try suggesting spending the day going around the charity shops hunting out some gems. This will often prove more entertaining as you can have fun trying on a range of items and put outfits together.


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