5 Sustainable Period Products

Sustainability is such a hot topic at the moment. Switching a plastic straw to metal/bamboo seems less of a daunting task that making sustainable changes regarding your period. However, it’s just about trying different things and finding out what works for you. 

For me, mentrual cups has been the way to go. I first started using them about three years ago and it wasn’t really a change I made regarding sustainability. I just didn’t like using any of the other traditional products. Switching to sustainable products doesn’t have to be about compromise.

Menstrual Cups 

  • You can pop one in at the beginning of the day and not have to worry about changing it until the end of the day.
    They come in all shapes sizes and flexibilities so you can find one that fits you perfectly. Just remember, the softer it is the easier it is to get in and out but the harder it is to open up once inside you.
    Swim and beach friendly.


  • If you’re not fully to grips with your body this may be a bit of a leap for you. You’ve got to be pretty hands on in inserting and removing the cup.

Reusable Pads


  • These are very easy to use. If you’re someone that uses pads now but are looking for a more sustainable alternative, these are the obvious choice.
    These cloth pads are available in lots of different sizes, fabrics, and absorbances. 
    They’re very affordable and easy to get ahold of on Etsy.


  • To reuse these you need to put them in a washing machine. Some people save their cycle worth of pads then wash all together. For me, storing used pads to bulk wash is not ideal. 
    Similar to the first con; reusable pads aren’t the best for using on the go.

Period Pants

  • Period pants come in all shapes, sizes and absorbencies.
  • Theres no bulking. 
  • The easiest product to use.


  • This works out as one of the more expensive options after you’ve bought enough for your whole cycle.

Sea Sponges


  • Can’t feel anything inside of you. These are very comfortable.
  • They come in different sizes and you can trim the sponge to your ideal size.


  • Again, this is not one for those who don’t feel comfortable diving into their vagina to insert and remove. 


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