5 Zero Waste Swaps

This is my quick guide to making your first sustainable changes. The following list consists of affordable and easy ways of taking the first steps in achieving a more planet friendly lifestyle.

#1 Vegetable Bags

One thing that I see that really irritates me is people putting loose vegetables or fruit into small plastic bags. I really have to hold back on shaking people and asking them why they feel a single carrot needs its own plastic bag. However, I do understand having all your vegetables loose isn’t always practical. Vegetable bags are a way of saving this issue but unlike the flimsy plastic bags, you can reuse these.

#2 Solid Shampoo

Uk households throw away 480 plastic bottles a year. You may believe that poping them in the recycling bin is fine. but just because it you putting in the recycling, it doesn’t mean it is going to be recycled. It’s much better to reduce what you’re using. Switching to solid shampoo cuts out the bottle. It’s one less thing to waste.

#3 Safety Razor


Plastic disposable razors are practically impossible to recycle. Suitable for men and women, safety razors are much better for the planet. All you have to do is replace and recycle the blade. 

#4 Loofa


Instead of using those plastic loofas, body brushes that are made form natural fibres are a much more Earth friendly option. These last longer and are a lot more easy on the eye that a bunch of plastic. 

#5 Cutlery

For eating on the go I’d recommend purchasing a reusable cutlery set. Rather that grabbing a plastic fork when getting your lunch on the go, having your own cutlery set is an easy sustainable swap. This bamboo set from OrganicMe includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopstick and straw. Plastic straws are not recyclable. They may seem small but the UK throws away an average of 8.2 billion a year. 



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