5 Steps To A Zero Waste Kitchen

Step One

The first step to take in having a zero waste kitchen, is the same way you should look at reducing waste in all aspects of your life, look at what you have. Make a list of the essentials and stick to it. Don’t throw away the things you have that don’t fit in with the zero waste lifestyle, that’s counter intuitive. Use what you have but don’t repurchase anything that isn’t on your essentials list. 

Step Two

Once you’ve made your essentials  start to look for sustainable swaps. Cling film can be replaced by bees wax wraps. Plastic sponges and dish brushes can be replaced loofas and brushes made from natural materials. Swap plastic Tupperware for glass or stainless steel

Step Three

Plan your meals. If you plan your meals and do one shop a week, it creates structure, you should only buy what you need for the meals that week. This will stop you from buying too much food and subsequently wasting food. 

Step Four

Take reusable containers and bags when you go shopping. Try to shop at grocers that don’t have their produce packaged in plastic. If buying meat or fish take a container instead of relying on the seller to wrap the produce in plastic. 

Step Five

Purchase a compost bin. If there is food waste this is possibly the best way to get rid of it. 

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