5 Ways to Practice Self-care

We all have times when we don’t feel great about ourselves, are a little overwhelmed or stressed. Feeling that way is completely normal in the short term. The following list shows some of the ways I practice self-care to prevent me from feeling down and to help reduce stress and anxiety. Obviously, self-care is a very personal thing; different things work for different people but hopeful this list gives you some inspiration. Feel free to share your advice in the comments.


#1 Go For A Walk

Taking time out to yourself is important. I find going for a walk, be it long or short, is a great way for cleansing my mind of stress. I particularly find a walk on the beach to be relaxing as the sounds of the waves soothe me. If you don’t live by a beach, rivers have also had a calming effect. The sound of the following water is incredibly peaceful. 
Getting outside, breathing fresh air, absorbing some vitamin D and getting some exercise are great for your mental and physical health.

#2 volunteer or donate to charity

Doing something for others is sure to make you feel good. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet people, become part of a community and gain new skills. If your time poor, donating money to charity is another way of boosting your mood. Multiple studies have shown that giving money to charity has a positive effect on the brain. People often feel down because they feel negative about our society or feel like they don’t have much purpose. By giving to a charity, either your time or money, you are having a positive impact on other peoples lives. You are making a change. 


#3 make something

Painting, knitting, writing, nail art, tie dying, scrapbooking. Whatever you like to make, make it.  For me, I baking is something I really enjoy. I like the physicality of using your hands to create something. Don’t let the thought of you not being able to do something perfectly stop you from doing something. If the final product doesn’t turn out amazing who cares, as long as you’ve enjoyed yourself. 


#4 Treat yourslef & eat out

I loooove food and for me an ultimate treat is eating out. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening meal or even just a coffee; taking time out of your day to go out and enjoy some food is a sure way to boost your mood.


#5 Bring the outside in

There’s something about plants and flowers that instantly brightens my mood. Open your curtains wide, let in the sun, buy some flowers or house plants to lift your mood.

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