Low Waste Halloween

Holidays and celebrations are often very wasteful events. Halloween rolls around once every year; people go mad buying decorations, outfits, and accessories, that will most likely be thrown away after a single-use. Having a low waste Halloween doesn’t mean you have to sap the life and soul out of the event. it just means thinking a little more carefully about the materials you use.


For most people, Halloween is all about the costume. But can you really justify purchasing an outfit you’ll only wear once?

  • Make the most of what you already have in your wardrobe – Dungarees paired with a yellow t-shirt makes a easy Minion costume, a milkmaid top with striped trousers and a bandana round your head for a pirate, a black and white striped tee with black jeans, white gloves and a painted face for a mime artist. Visit Good HouseKeeping for lots more suggestions. 
  • If you’re buying items look in charity shops first – Not found any inspiration in your wardrobe? Visit charity shops and see if there’s something you can put together. 
  • Makeup is key – Face paints and makeup can do all the work for you. Outfits such as a little black dress or a suit really work well with great make up. Youtube is full of inspiration and tutorials.


  • Pumpkins- Some people suggest giving up carving pumpkins due to it being a waste of resources in their growth and distribution. However, I disagree. Pumpkins are a Halloween staple and immediately get you into the spirit.
  • Dripping Candles – Lots of candles in varied sizes create a great gothic spooky look. 
  • Dried Flowers- Vases full of dead flowers add to the dead decaying look.
  • Secondhand Decor- Look online or in local charity shops for secondhand decorations and hold onto them for years to come.

General Tips

  • If you’re having a party avoid plastic cups and cutlery. Vegware offer disposable cups that are compostable.
  • Recycle or compost and waste. 
  • Buy Trick or Treat sweets that are packaged in recyclable packaging.
  • Make the most out of your pumpkins and make soup, pumpkin pie or even dog treats. 

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