How To Travel On A Budget

Just because you’re a little strapped fo cash, it doesn’t mean you’re unable to get out and see the world. Traveling on a budget is totally possible. Here, I’m going to give you advice that I have found to be useful when travelling on a budget. 

Be Open Minded

If you have a specific location I mind, you’re going to limit your ability to travel. Budget travel is all about being open when it comes to location. Cheap travel means you often get to explore lesser know hidden gems rather than big tourist hot spots. This gives you the opportunity to experience the true culture of a country rather than the highly commercialised tourist ride of a country.

SkyScanner is the best tool for finding cheap flights. They have the option to search the whole world, giving you the ability to chose between the cheaper locations. However, if you do have a specific location in mind the best way to get a cheaper deal is to be open when it comes to dates. You can also search ‘cheapest month’ on SkyScanner enabling you to find the cheaper flights. 


Do Your Research

Once you have some locations in mind, it’s time to do a bit of research. A cheap flight is great but you need to know that you’re able to afford the daily spends once arriving. There are plenty of websites that can give you a hand in getting an idea of what your daily spend would be. Budget Your Trip and Price of Travel are very helpful. 

For the ultimate guide of travel destinations, I’d recommend Lonely Planet. They’re so helpful when it comes to budget travel. Their guide books recommend cheaper places to eat, stay and get about. If you have a location in mind search ‘lonely planet daily cost (location)’. 

How Long You Go For

Traveling is about experiencing new things and seeing new places. I often feel we’re fixed on going somewhere for a week/ ten days. This doesn’t need to be the case. Weekend city breaks are great ways of travelling. The short time span confines you to see the things you most want to and you end up having a very packed fun experience. When it come to travelling on a budget, I believe 3-4 days is the perfect amount of time. Flying on week days is often cheaper, I’d recommend Friday- Tuesday or Tuesday- Friday. Why Tuesday? Well it’s often the day with the cheapest flights. 

Where To Rest Your Head

Hotels are often the biggest cost when travelling. However, they’re plenty of alternatives. There’s the obvious Air BnB and Expedia. 

Staying in hostels will save you a lot of money but I know they’re not for everyone and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing a space with strangers. There are plenty of cheap Bed and Breakfasts if hostels aren’t for you.

Another thing to consider is sleeper trains. This essentially kills two birds with one stone. You’re able to travel to different locations and don’t have to pay for a hotel. 

When planning on where to stay it’s important to know what you’re looking for; hostels are very youth friendly, Bed and Breakfasts means it’s one less meal to eat out, and apartments often mean you can make your own food meaning you save on eating out. When traveling I like to think of my hotel/bnb as just a bed. I’m only going to be there to sleep and shower so it doesn’t need to amazingly decorated or have fancy extras.

Pre Book

Pre-Booking your activities is a great way of saving money. Prices on the door are often more than if you book in advance. However, don’t go crazy and book lots of activities as you might not have time to do them all and you may end up wasting money. 

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