How To Plan A European Road Trip

Wanting to go no a European road trip but don’t know where to start? The fact is, it isn’t as daunting as it first seems. Here’s how to do it.


First brainstorm countries or cities you would like to visit. If you’re unsure of where to start head over to Skyscanner and look for some cheap flights, if you’re on the budget this will be a very useful tool. If you’re stuck for inspiration LonelyPlanet is sure to fill you with wanderlust.

Look on Google maps at the distance and drive times between your places of interest and take not of the travel times. If locations have large drives between them, consider omitting them and replacing them with closer destinations. You want to experience as much as you can, not just the inside of a car. 

Now you have your route, it’s time for more research. Look at how much you want to see and do in each location. You may want to do a night stay at everywhere you visit or you may choose to spend longer in locations that you feel there’s more to experience in. 

If you’re hiring a car take time to research the best deals and if you’re travelling through multiple countries, make sure you can pick up the car in one country and drop off in another. TravelSupermarket has a tool that allows you to compare prices.

Book hotels that have 24hr checkins so you’re not restrained and find yourself missing out because you’re racing to get to the hotel in time for checkin. Alternatively, have total freedom and hire a camper van and sleep wherever you see fit.

Getting The Most Out of Your Road Trip

  • Have a plan but be ready to deviate. Be open to change. On visiting somwhere you may decide you want to sty longer than planned, be open to this so you don’t miss out. 
  • Stop off at little places on the way, road trips are about seeing as much of somewhere as possible rather than being confined to a car for the full holiday. 
  • Don’t go into it believing you’re going to be spending the travel time singing aloud and having the time of your life the whole journey. There’s going to be long and sometimes boring drives but it will be worth it.

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