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    Low Waste Halloween

    Holidays and celebrations are often very wasteful events. Halloween rolls around once every year; people go mad buying decorations, outfits, and accessories, that will most likely be thrown away after a single-use. Having a low waste Halloween doesn’t mean you have to sap the life and soul out of the event. it just means thinking a little more carefully about the materials you use. Costumes For most people, Halloween is all about the costume. But can you really justify purchasing an outfit you’ll only wear once? Make the most of what you already have in your wardrobe – Dungarees paired with a yellow t-shirt makes a easy Minion costume, a…

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    Switching To Slow Fashion

    So we all know the planet is basically dying right before our eyes. But are we doing enough to save our planet? Recently people’s attitudes to being proactive and making changes to how we live our lives have improved. Plastic straws have been shunned from society, meat-free options are widely available and I personally feel like the devil reincarnated if I use a plastic cup. However, there are still areas of our lives that need a bit of rejigging.  Fast fashion is an all-round bad guy. The industry is accountable for millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, it creates large amounts of water and air pollution and is a very…

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    Top Zero Waste Products on Amazon

    Reusable Bags- £12.98 This set of reusable bags is a staple to living a sustainable lifestyle. This set comes with a variety of sizes of produce bags and a very on trend mesh tote bag. Ditch the plastic and shop in style. Family Pack of Bamboo Toothbrushes- £5.95 This set of toothbrushes is perfect for a family as unlike others, they come in different colours meaning its easy to differentiate them. Swapping the type of toothbrush you use is a quick and easy way of reducing the amount of plastic you use. Kitchen Compost Caddy- £8.00 This compost caddy won’t look out of place in any kitchen and you won’t…

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    5 Of The Best Reusable Coffee Cups

    We all know about the insane amount of damage we’re doing to the planet with our use of plastic. It’s time to take action and dump single use plastic. Switching to a reusable coffee cup is an easy way of dramatily cutting down on your waste. Although the initial cost may sting, a lot of coffee shops offer discounts to those who use reusable cups so eventually you’ll get your money back. Following my “5 Alternatives To A Single Use Plastic Water Bottle” post, here’s my recommendations of the best coffee cups.  Hills & Valleys The Good Cup 400ml – £11.99 Produced using rice husks, this cup has double walled…

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    Why You Should Start Using A Menstrual Cup

    If you’ve read my ‘5 Sustainable Period Products‘ post, you’ll know I’m a fan of using a menstrual cup. For me, it’s completely transformed how I have a period and how I feel when I’m on my period. When talking to friends about menstrual cups, some seem to be grossed out. I think this is because when I first started using them, I was quite quick off the blocks. Now menstrual cups are more commonly talked about and available. If you’re yet to be convinced or are intrigued about switching to a cup, here’s why you should.  #1 The reason most people switch to using a menstrual cup – no…

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    5 Alternatives To A Single Use​ Plastic Water Bottle

    According to Water.org.uk in the UK 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person in the UK now using 150 plastic water bottles every year. Many of these are not recycled and end up polluting our seas and rivers. Plastic bottles are killing wild animals, sea life and the chemicals in the plastic are affecting our health. It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade meaning the mess we're creating now will long outlive us. It's time to change. Here is a list of 5 bottles that will make you want to dump the singleuse plastic. 

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    Zero Waste Skin Care

    People’s skin care routines often involve a lot of plastic bottles, pumps and disposable products. In this post I’m going to show you how to dramatically cut down on your waste. Not all of these tips will be for everyone, you don’t need to replace everything with zero waste products. I believe sustainable living is about everyone making the changes they can.  Coconut Oil Coconut oil is the holy grail product. This thing is a multipurpose wonder. You can use it as a moisturiser by simply applying to the skin and massaging in,  as a make up remover or mix with sugar to create a lip scrub. Coconut oil is…

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    5 Steps To A Zero Waste Kitchen

    Step One The first step to take in having a zero waste kitchen, is the same way you should look at reducing waste in all aspects of your life, look at what you have. Make a list of the essentials and stick to it. Don’t throw away the things you have that don’t fit in with the zero waste lifestyle, that’s counter intuitive. Use what you have but don’t repurchase anything that isn’t on your essentials list.  Step Two Once you’ve made your essentials  start to look for sustainable swaps. Cling film can be replaced by bees wax wraps. Plastic sponges and dish brushes can be replaced loofas and brushes…

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    Zero Waste Starter Pack

    The idea of going zero waste is somewhat daunting. Taking small steps and reducing what you can where you can is important in making a positive change. The following list is of the tools I believe will help you in starting your zero waste journey.  #1 Let’s start off easy. Ditching plastic shopping bags is one of the simplest steps in reducing your waste. Using bags that are made out of natural materials is much better for the planet. Of course recycling plastic bags is a better alternative than using single use plastic bags. However, once broken they will still remain on the planet for hundreds of years.  #2  Cut…