24 Hours In Toledo

If you’re looking to experience Spain’s rich cultural and religious history; then Toledo is ideal place for you. Just an hour drive from Madrid, Toledo is a city sat upon a hill within castle walls. Know as the city of three cultures, due to it’s history of Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities living peacefully alongside each other. 

Marvel at the cities medieval history and architecture. Catedral Primada is just as beautiful on the inside is it on the out and is a must see. The Alcazar is another magnificent building. However, I wouldn’t consider a visit inside as a priority of your trip. It is home to the cities military museum, which if you have an interest for Spanish military history, is great. The buildings primary purpose now presents itself as a museum unlike other alcazars such as the one in Seville. The Synagogue of Saint Mary the White is situated in the Jewish quarter of the city and is worth a wonder around if you enjoy religious history. The Jewish quarter is a much more peaceful quieter part of the city.  

Built in the 14th Century The San Martin Bridge crosses the river Tagus and provides access to the West of the old town. Both sides of the bridge have fortified towers that were later added to the medieval bridge. The bridge provides amazing views of both the river and city. If you visit at Christmas, the bridge is beautifully light up with Christmas lights. 

At night the medieval architecture is illuminated, highlighting its vast beauty. If you visit Toledo on a day trip, the last train leaving for Madrid is at 9:30pm so this magnificent sight could be missed. I would recommend staying the night to enjoy the sunset. For places to stay, Hotel Abaceria offers rooms with balconies over looking the city. We spent our evening there, drink in hand, gazing out onto the ancient city. 

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