12 hours in Verona

Ever since I first read Romeo and Juliette at age 14, I have longed to visit Verona and last year I was lucky enough to visit. Now I know Shakespeare probably never even went to Italy and he only set his play their because Italian culture was the hot trend of Renaissance England BUT. It is such a romantic beautiful city and visiting with my boyfriend was perfect.

So when you think of Verona obviously you think of Romeo and Juliet; going to visit Juliet’s balcony seems to be an obvious attraction. It’s a place I’d recommend visiting, go rub Juliet’s boob for luck and love, maybe get a lock with your significant other or write Juliet a letter. However, I would advise you have you expectations managed. It is literally just a balcony in a crowed courtyard with a Juliet statue. Obviously the play is a work of fiction and there is no ‘real’ balcony, I don’t know what I had imagined in my head but what I was greeted with was a little disappointing. 

To take in the cities true beauty, I’d recommend crossing the river and visiting Piazzale Castel San Pietro. This does require a bit of a hefty walk up some steps but the view you are greeted with is well worth it. 

The Piazza Bra is the heart of the city. It is alive and bubbling both day and night. With lots of open air restaurants it’s a great place to eat. You can sit outside amongst the locals, sipping on a Campari, sample the delicious food; all in the shadow of the Roman amphitheatre (which is still used as an area today.) At night the amphitheatre is light up and is a must see. 
Like most of Northern Italy, every street is picturesque. Wandering around hand in hand with your significant other is ridiculously romantic. Verona is a slow paced, relaxed city making it perfect for a short romantic getaway. 

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